The Roys – Lonesome Whistle


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Song Title Time
  1. Coal Minin’ Man 3:05
  2. That’s What Makes It Love 4:03
  3. Nothin’ I Can Do About It Now 2:47
  4. Right Back At You 3:17
  5. Give A Ride To The Devil 4:13
  6. Lonesome Whistle 3:18
  7. Everything I Ever Wanted 3:40
  8. My Oh My How Time Flies 2:25
  9. I Wonder What God’s Thinking 3:55
10. Trailblazer 3:27
11. High Road 4:21

Bluegrass music is a unique art form that is as much about feel and instinct as it is technique. Blending proficiency and passion into a musically intoxicating package, THE ROYS make their debut with LONESOME WHISTLE , a spirited set that showcases the siblings’ stellar vocals, taut musicianship and enviable songwriting skills.

“My first real love is bluegrass music,” says Lee. “When I was nine-years-old, I played in my first band and it was a bluegrass band. Ricky Skaggs has always been my hero, and even back in the early days of the Skaggs and Rice records; that’s really where I cut my teeth.”

With their reverence for legends such as Bill Monroe as well as contemporary torch bearers like Ricky Skaggs, THE ROYS have crafted a debut set that combines the best of bluegrass music’s traditions with the promise of its future. In recording the album, Lee and his sister Elaine, enlisted Skaggs’ famed band, Kentucky Thunder, and the amazing Randy Kohrs, and even recorded in Skaggs Place Studios.

Faith, music and family are the cornerstones of The Roys’ life and they all intersect on LONESOME WHISTLE. The album showcases Elaine’s beautiful, emotion-laden voice and Lee’s effervescent tenor. The project also shines a spotlight on the duo’s songwriting abilities.

There are numerous highlights on the album including: Coal Minin’ Man,” the first single, a tribute to the life of the miner and the high energy “Give A Ride To The Devil,” which offers up the sage wisdom that if you “give a ride to the devil, someday he’s gonna want to drive.” “Trailblazer” is Elaine’s nod to one of her heroes, Dolly Parton.

THE ROYS are excited about making their debut in the bluegrass music community.  They have listened to and respected bluegrass music for so long and are so honored to be getting validation from musicians they have long respected.  Andy Leftwich, album co-producer, told us, “You are bluegrass vocalists. You are made for this format, it is who you are. This record is going to be huge because you guys are just so new and refreshing to the bluegrass community. You are going to be a household name!”


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