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In July 29, 2010, CUMBERLAND RIVER was invited to perform for the writers and producers of the FX Network’s TV show, JUSTIFIED while they were in Harlan gathering information for their upcoming season. With only 24 hours notice, the band got together and wrote a song, “Justified” as a gift to the show. They received a standing ovation from the writers and producers, including Graham Yost, the multi-award winning writer and producer. Cumberland River added the song to their debut album, ROCK ISLAND EXPRESS released September 3, 2010 and a newly cut version appears as a bonus track on their new album.

TV viewer’s got a taste of CUMBERLAND RIVER’s music in the opening scene of the March 2, 2011 JUSTIFIED episode, “For Blood or Money,” when they heard the band performing an instrumental version of their original song “Justified” during the opening scene. On the April 6, 2011 episode, viewers got a full dose when fans could hear the band performing five more of their songs during the first 30 minutes. During that time frame, the show was averaging 3.9 million total viewers on the first run of Season Two with a multi-run weekly average of 7.2 million total viewers and gaining fans every week. Bluegrass music is alive and well on national TV!

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Song Title Time
  1. Harlan Man 2:29
  2. Lonely Road 2:23
  3. Cold And Withered Heart 3:36
  4. Outside Looking In 3:22
  5. Give Me One More Try 2:44
  6. Mary Flynn 4:18
  7. Train Of Sorrow 4:54
  8. Remember Me 4:28
  9. This Life I Live 4:14
10. Miner’s Prayer 3:32
11. Antieham’s Hill 4:28
12. Road Back Home 3:14
13. Justified 3:41