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Lonesome River Band has done what few bands have done, continuously reinvented itself through the years, staying both popular and relevant. –Keith Lawrence Bluegrass NotesFor three decades, the Lonesome River Band has been one of the top Bluegrass acts in the format. One of the reasons for that is that their sound has always continued to evolve. This collection is sterling proof of that. The songs are ones their fans are no doubt familiar with, but each of the songs have been re-cut to celebrate the band s milestone. –Chuck Dauphin Music News NashvilleIt is remarkable, one of the best recordings that I have heard recently and done in a very inspired fashion.
–Jim Moulton Country Stars Online

Super Bluegrass group the Lonesome River Band is back on top again with back-to-back Number 1 Albums on the Bluegrass Album Charts with Still Learning and No Turning Back. And with their recent appearance on the David Letterman Show Lonesome River Band reached millions of people with their special signature sound that was so groundbreaking back in 1992 when the band hit the ground running and delighting fans as they Celebrate their 30th Year Anniversary in 2012.

In commemoration of this milestone, Lonesome River Band will be creating a special 30th anniversary retrospective collection titled Lonesome River Band 30 that will have the group recording twenty-four songs, to be released in a series of three 8-song eps, one for each decade of the group s existence. The material will lean heavily on updated versions of many of the Lonesome River Band s most popular songs during each decade, reprised by the current group.

2012 will be filled with many high profile special media events to commemorate Lonesome River Band s 30th Year Anniversary. Lonesome River Band 30, Volume 1 is the first of these three 8-song ep ‘s to be released this year so their fans can enjoy their retrospective music journey from the past and connect that with the success and popularity of Lonesome River Band today.

Lonesome River Band Chronology Volume 1

Song Title
1. Close The Door Lightly When You Go
2. The Old Man In The Shanty
3. Laura Jean
4. The Game Is Over
5. Mary Ann
6. I’m Afraid To Love You Anymore
7. Hobo Blues
8. Angeline The Baker


Lonesome River Band – Chronology Volume 2


Song Title
1. Barely Beat The Daylight In
2. The Crime I Didn’t Do
3. Sweet Sally Brown
4. Perfume, Powder and Lead
5. The Game I Can’t Win
6. Tears Are Blinding Me
7. Flat Broke and Lonesome
8. Dog Gone Shame


Lonesome River Band – Chronology Volume 3


Song Title
1. Long Gone
2. Carolyn The Teenage Queen
3. Am I A Fool
4. Whoop And Ride
5. Money In The Bank
6. Stray Dogs and Alley Cats
7. Who Needs You
8. Harvest Time
9. Sorry County Blues
10. Sittin’ On Top Of The World